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Thursday, August 31, 2006

GSX - "Manifest" CD Review

Manifest by GSXI really like this CD! Most CDs get rotated out of my CD player after a couple plays and end up on the shelf until a later month. "Manifest" has yet to leave my CD player and I have played it start-to-finish a number of times these past few weeks. I am partial to raw, angry rock and this CD captures the intensity of GSX's live performance. This is an impressive debut CD and there isn't a bad track on the disc.

Standout tracks are Too Far , which is currently getting some play on New York's Q104 radio station and I Got What I Came For. All eight tracks from the disc are also streaming on GSX's website. What I really enjoy about this disc is that the band really meshes. Sarah Greenwood has a killer voice, that goes from a whisper to a roar, but her voice doesn't overshadow top-notch guitar, bass and drum work. Manifest is available on GSX's website for $10 postpaid and I strongly recommend picking it up.

GSX is playing the Medusa Festival at CBGB on September 7th. There is a great lineup this night (GSX, Mahavatar, Lourds and others) so for a $10 ticket -- this is a "must see" show.