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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Star Spangles Live @ Northsix, Brooklyn, Nov. 24, 2006

Star Spangles @ Northsix, Brooklyn 11/24/06It was Summer 2003 when the Star Spangles held their release party at CBGB for Bazooka, their first release on Columbia Records. At that time, critics either loved or hated the band (there was no middle ground) and it looked like the band was going to break big. For whatever reason, the band severed their ties with Capital, the long awaiting follow up to Bazooka was never released and the band faded from the scene.

The band has now regrouped with a new rhythm section (Nick and Joey are gone -- new members are Chris and Todd) and opened for Genesis P-Orridge's Thee Majesty at Northsix on Saturday night. The band is in great form and it is good to see them back in action. According to the band's MySpace page, the long delayed second record is "comin soon".

I was at the front of the stage when the band finished its set and picked up a copy of the setlist. The last song of the set, "I Don't Want to be Crazy Anymore", is the perfect power-pop song that ranks up there with anything by Cheap Track or The Plimsouls.

Star Spangles set list from show @ Northsix, Brooklyn 11/24/06
Star Spangles Set List from 11/24/06
Star Spangles @ Northsix, Brooklyn 11/24/06Tommy Volume @ Northsix