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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Maserati Live @ Northsix, Brooklyn Dec. 2, 2006

Maserati Live @ Northsix It was an interesting night at Northsix last night as all the bands were (predominately) all instrumental. Maserati drew the biggest crowd of the night with its brand of space/ psychedelic rock. Maserati's website describes the band's music as "Pink Floyd for hipsters...[t]his is stoner rock for the working man." I can't think of a better description. Just to be clear -- this isn't the Roger Waters era of Pink Floyd that the band is referring to. Maserati's sound goes straight back to the Syd Barrett/Piper at the Gates of Dawn era. Many of the tracks played last night would fit well along side of Pink Floyd tracks like Interstellar Overdrive.

Maserati Live @ NorthsixMaserati hasn't done a show in the area for almost two years but they are returning next Sunday night (Dec. 10) for a Todd P show @ Uncle Paulie's.

Here is the scoop on Uncle Paulie's:

$2 beer! Uncle Paulie's is totally a temporary structure built out of blue canvas and two by fours and plywood on a slab of concrete next to the huge under-construction death star minaret upside-down hot-air-balloon lookin' sewage treatment plant in Greenpoint. During the daylight, men in hard hats eat fried food here. Totally patio, but totally inside! Easy to get to but so far out nobody cares! Noise & djs till the wee hours! $2 beer! Bring yr ID for the beverages.
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Maserati has a new CD/LP Inventions for the New Season due out in the Spring on Temporary Residence, Ltd. A couple tracks from this release have already been posted to the band's MySpace page. The pre-release tracks sound great and band's set last night was phenominal so this upcoming release will be something to look forward to.

I have a couple additional pictures from the show posted below:

Maserati Live @ NorthsixMaserati Live @ NorthsixMaserati Live @ Northsix