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Friday, December 21, 2007

Blood Red Throne - Come Death (Earache) CD Review

Blood Red Throne - Come Death CD ReviewThis is the fourth release from the Norwegian death-metalers Blood Red Throne and this CD shows significant growth in the band's songwriting. While "Come Death" is a true death metal album, it follows the same structured songwriting as Morbid Angel and other late 80's American death metal bands. Each track stands on its own as a real song (there are real vocals and melodies on each track). While the tracks still retain their brutality, clean production highlights the down-turned twin-lead guitars and a solid groove-based rhythm section.

New vocalist Vald's has more vocal diversity than Mr. Hustler and his voice seems better suited to the more structured songs. The band said the following about this new release:

"This time, we aim for a more classic death metal sound, ala GORGUTS 'Considered Dead' / SUFFOCATION 'Despise the Sun' kind of sound...We have grown tired with the over-produced and fully triggered drum kits that so many bands use today, besides we have taken a slightly new direction with our music and the analog and dynamic sound fits the music better. We have also chosen a different approach to the recording process of the instruments."
The YouTube clip below gives a good sense of what the new album is all about. For anyone into death metal, this release is well worth picking up.

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