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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Carbon/Silicon - Western Front CD Review

Carbon/Silicon - Western Front CD ReviewI was disappointed by this release...

Let me back up though and give people an idea where my head is. Carbon/Silicon is sort of a punk rock supergroup composed of Mick Jones (x-Clash) and Tony James (x-Generation X). I am a huge Clash fan but grew progressively more disinterested with each Big Audio Dynamite release post-"Megatop Phoenix". The final straw was when I saw B.A.D II on the MTV 120 Minutes package tour and the band's then obsession with house music put me to sleep. (The band was also blown off the stage by the antics of Johnny Rotten and PiL who went on right before them). "Western Front" follows in the same vein of later-day B.A.D. (or Big Audio).

Trying to be a bit objective now that it has been 16 years since I last focused on B.A.D., "Western Front" isn't a bad album, it is just very unremarkable. Mick Jones played on General Public's first CD and a lot of critics commented that they couldn't hear what/where he played. I feel the same way about Tony James' contribution to this release - I can't hear it.

Mick Jones' vocals are distinctive but his voice isn't as strong as it was twenty years ago and his distinctive guitar work is almost non-existent on this disc. It isn't that I am expecting a re-write of "Stay Free" but I found a good portion of this disc somewhat bland.

If anyone is still curious about this release, it was originally released as a free download on Carbon/Silicon's site. The band pulled this CD off their website to make room for new tracks but I am sure it is floating around on other download sites if someone wants to take a minute or two to look.

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