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Saturday, August 02, 2008

State Bird Records New EP: "4 New Songs"

State Bird's Mostly Ghostly CD was released earlier this year and the band did a lengthy tour back in the Spring. Now that the band is back home in Ohio, they recorded a new EP, "4 New Songs", live in their home studio. This is a limited handmade release (which is now sold out) with hand-painted covers and inserts.

While the EP is sold out, the good news is that two of the songs from the EP are posted to the band's MySpace page. Here is a link to the third song: I Don't Love U Anymore. There are more new State Bird tracks on the 'net as the band recently recorded four songs for a Daytrotter session.

It doesn't look like the band is touring outside of their local area (there is a show in Cleveland tonight) so here are some pictures from the band's show at The Annex in March.