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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Candlebox - Alive in Seattle CD/DVD Review

Candlebox - Alive in Seattle CD/DVD ReviewCandlebox seemed to be on the radio all the time in the mid-90's but the band faded from view toward the end of the decade. I noticed that the band started coming through the area again in 2006 but never really focused on where they have been. Evidently the band broke up sometime around 1999 but reunited in 2006 with the release of The Best of Candlebox CD. After releasing no new material for 10 years, Candlebox released both a new studio CD, Into the Sun, and the live CD/DVD set Alive In Seattle this year.

The live disc captures Candlebox playing live in their hometown of Seattle. The show was recorded at the Showbox on one of the last dates of the band's 2006 reunion tour. In listening to the disc, I don't think I gave the band sufficient due in the 90's. As "Far Behind" was a staple on WHFS (when I lived in DC), I always associated the band with that era of "modern rock". In listening to this disc, the band has a heavy, blues based sound that sort of reminds me of Mother Love Bone. Vocalist Kevin Martin has a big rock voice and the live mix on the disc sounds great. The energy of the crowd adds to the atmosphere of the show as Candlebox is playing some of their best loved songs to a hometown crowd.

The DVD contains the video portion of the concert along with an extra encore track, "Rain", which runs about another 15 minutes. The DVD portion of the concert is equally engaging as the band has a strong stage presence. Kevin Martin is all over the stage, the crowd is wild and the camera angles show off the musical prowess of the band. The encore track is a great finale as all the band members showcase their chops and Kevin even takes a turn on the drums.

This is great stuff!

The DVD also contains a 15 minutes acoustic performance and radio station interview with the band from KCMQ in Columbia, MO. Once again, the band sounds great. Some of the interesting parts of the interview are Kevin is talking about how the band broke up to get out of their contract with Maverick and that the band is finalizing material for a new disc that will be released sometime next year.

Here is a live clip from the DVD:

Candlebox - "Arrow" from Alive in Seattle
The band is all but off the road right now (presumably recording) aside for a one-off festival, Destination Daytona, in Daytona Beach on 10-18-2008.

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