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Monday, November 02, 2009

801: latino CD Review (Expression Records)

801 latino CD Review (Expression Records)In 1999, Phil Manzanera reactivated the 801 name and concept for a show in Newark, Lincolnshire UK. "The original 1976 ‘801′ concept of bringing together different musicians from a wide musical spectrum,for a short time,recording them in a live concert, still seemed valid some 25 years later. This time I wanted to see if 801 would work with Latin players." (-Phil Manzanera)

There is no overlap with any of the material from the previous 801 releases as this 50+ minute disc features high-energy Latin music which Manzanera describes as "a snapshot of the music that has accompanied [his] musical journey" from the 40's to the 90’s. Unlike previous 801 releases where Phil Manzanera's guitar work was highlighted in the mix, there are no real guitar solos on 801: latino and Phil's guitar work fits beneath and complements the rest of the band. Other members of this one-off project include vocalist Yamile (who was main vocalist for the most relevant salsa band of the 90's called PG Poder de la Generación), Havana composer/jazz musician Aldo Lopez-Gavilan, critically acclaimed drummer Carlos "Mosca" Valde and bassist Chucho Merchán (who has played with Pete Townsend, David Gilmour and The Eurythmics).

Phil Manzanera/Expression Records