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Friday, January 22, 2010

King Diamond Issues Remastered Version of 1998's Voodo CD (Metal Blade)

King Diamond Reissues a Remastered Version of 1998's Voodoo (Metal Blade)Continuing to focus on some of the reissues that came out toward the end of last year, Metal Blade released a remastered version of King Diamond's 1998 concept album Voodoo last November. (Note: a remastered version of House of God was released at the same time)

This disc was remastered by long-time King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque and he brings out a lot more of the details and horror movie effects than I remember hearing on the original recording. In addition to bringing out the details, there is a lot more clarity and bottom-end which makes this new reissue perfect for late night headphone listening.

Voodoo tells the story of the Lafayettes, David, Sarah (who is pregnant) and Grandpa. In the early 1930s, they move into an old colonial house on the Mississippi River which happens to have been built next to a voodoo graveyard.

"Unknown to the Lafayettes, the colonial house's servant, Salem, is involved in voodoo. Salem partakes in voodoo rituals at the graveyard, along with Doctor le Croix, a voodoo sorcerer, Madame Sarita, and Lula Chevalier, a girl who is never seen. The Lafayettes hear the voodoo drums from the ceremonies in the graveyard. They call a secret meeting with Salem to discuss what should be done. The Lafayettes decide to destroy the voodoo burial ground. Salem does not want this to happen, so he sneaks out at midnight to talk to Doctor le Croix. Le Croix gives Salem money to buy some goofer dust, and tells him that the Lafayettes must all die." -- Wikipeida

Overall, this disc should strike a positive chord with long-time King Diamond fans. Musically and lyrically, this isn't that far removed from what Alice Cooper was doing in the early/mid 70s so this disc has the potential to find a wider audience with fans of Alice Cooper and other horror rock artists.

King Diamond has also issued a bonus live video of the title track "Voodoo" (which features a guest appearance from "Dimebag" Darrell on the studio version) as a free download to purchasers of the new reissue.

Here is the YouTube version of the video:

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