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Friday, March 11, 2011

To The Wedding: Boston Shoe Gazers Play Lit Lounge on March 19th

DOWNLOAD: To The Wedding - "Let Love In"

To The Wedding: Boston Shoe Gazers Play Lit Lounge on March 19thSadly, I've got about a thirty second attention span with bands that I'm not familiar with. I've now listened to all four song on To The Wedding's debut EP (which is a pay-what-you-will download on Bandcamp) and enjoyed the band's layered neo-psychedelia/shoe-gazer sound. Some EPs have left me wanting to hear more - in the case of To The Wedding, I'd like to hear them live and Lit Lounge's dungeon-like basement seems like the perfect environment for the band's sound.

To The Wedding are playing Lit Lounge on March 19th along with Brooklyn's Manner and Koelie. Tickets are $6 and To The Wedding kicks off the evening at 9PM.

To The Wedding from Boston, MA is rooted in the shoe-gazer genre. Their songs are constructed with attention to melody, space, and emotion. The mix of Lauren Grubb (Vocals, Guitar) Evan Orfanos (Bass) Mickey Vershbow (Drums) and Addam Zaino (Guitar/Piano) make To The Wedding's distinct sound. In December 2010 the band released their self titled EP, and their single, "Let Love In", garnered attention around Boston. A follow up EP is due out Summer 2011.

Pete of WZBC’s Love and Mathematics describes the band as..
"Layering elements of psych, shoe-gaze, and ambient over Boston’s traditional garage-rock template. Creating something new while still retaining what I consider to be the essential characteristics of (i) sounding great on headphones when listening in the library and (ii) sounding even better when played loudly, on a stereo at a party or live in a bar. Making music, that is, for people who like to think but love to rock." -

3/13 @ Precinct
3/19 @ Lit Lounge in NYC
4/16 @ PA’s Lounge/Deep Heaven Now

To The Wedding