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Friday, April 22, 2011

Bobby Birdman Announces New 7" // NYC Show with YACHT on April 27th

DOWNLOAD: Bobby Birdman - Only For A While (from 2009's New Moods)
STREAM: Bobby Birdman - "Dub Walk" (click-through to KRecs Tumblr page)

Bobby Birdman Releases New 7 Inch // NYC Show with YACHT on April 27thBobby Birdman (aka Rob Kieswetter from YACHT's backing band The Straight Gaze) announced a new digital 7" ("Don't Walk Away" / "Dub Walk") and is opening for YACHT at Webster Hall on April 27th.

"Don't Walk Away" has a pulp-noir vibe which features Birdman's clear vocals on top of surf-guitar lines and an underlying pulsing bass. K Records said: "[t]his “Dub Walk,” if you will, is the B side of Bobby Birdman’s upcoming Dub Narcotic Disco Plate entitled “Don’t Walk Away” (DBN124, dropping on 6/21/2011). “Dub Walk” features none other than Selector Dub Narcotic, the nom de plume of Calvin Johnson, remix superstar." Johnson deconstructs the songs down to its most basic form (bass and drums) and swaps Birdman's vocals for what sounds like a keyboard and occasionally fuzzed-out vocal snippets. These slow-burning grooves will either get the dance floor moving or the make-out session started.

Getting back on track, Bobby Birdman is playing with YACHT (who will be previewing their new album) and Light Asylum at Webster Hall next Wednesday (April 27th) and tickets are $16.

Bobby Birdman