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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Please Consider Donating to "The Life is Good Playmakers" Fundraiser

Please Consider Donating to 'The Life is Good Playmakers' FundraiserOne of my colleagues (and one of the truely good guys in the music industry) is raising funds for a great cause, The Life is Good Playmakers, so I wanted to support Joe and post a link to his fundraising page (click through on the image on the left).

Millions of our nation's youngest children experience profound suffering in many forms; domestic violence, abuse, neglect, natural disasters, extreme poverty, or severe illness. Consumed by fear and powerlessness, traumatized children stop playing, connecting and experiencing joy in the world around them. Early childhood trauma devastates young lives and shortens life expectancy.

I am fundraising for The Life is Good Playmakers, who are providing innovative training and support to preschool teachers, early child care providers, Child Life Specialists, social workers, and adults working directly with kids who are struggling to overcome early-childhood trauma.

My fundraising efforts are part of the 2011 Life is Good Festival, which is a fundraiser taking place this September 24th and 25th. With fundraising activities like Life is Good's Backyard Challenge, arts and live music on three stages, 30,000 fundraisers are coming together to celebrate the positive impact we are having on the lives of kids.

Please make a donation that will help support the front-line heroes who work every day to restore the greatest gifts of childhood playfulness, joy and optimism to a generation of hurting children.
Life is Good: Playmakers