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Friday, June 22, 2012

PushMethod Premiers Video for "Technology Kids" at Tender Trap in Brooklyn on June 26th

The Aquarian described PushMethod's music as a "blend of melodious hip=hop and jazzy pop rock with a heavy Beatles influence that truly puts them in a league of their own." The band is screening their latest video "Technology Kids" at Tender Trap in Brooklyn on Tuesday, June 26th. Tender Trap is located in Williamsburg, at 245 South First Street (between Roebling and Havemeyer Streets). The screening starts at 10PM and will be followed by a "Locals Only" Party with DJ Jah-Jah.

For anyone who hasn't (yet) heard PushMethod, below is one of their more recent videos:

From the band's press release:
Graffiti engulfs many of the abandoned warehouses and brick walls that house New York's music scene. In an effort to stake ownership in their work, artists "tag" their paintings, crediting their art by leaving a distinct signature. These signatures are works of art in themselves, magnifying how vital it is to leave your own mark.

PushMethod's music is paralleling this process on the inside of these paint-plastered venues. Their sound is sprayed with colors from Tavis Sage Eaton, who has shared the stage with Wu Tang Clan, Nas, Rae Kwon, Fabulous, and Fat Joe. They're fused with the vibrancy of Michael Dustin "Dusty" Youree, whose inspiration stems from not only the multiple theater tours including Pipin, Alice in Wonderland, and Amadeus, which he began at the age of four but also the impact that the Beatles made on him, most notably John Lennon - so much so that he organized an annual widely attended tribute to him in Central Park. It is here that Tavis and Dusty began working together.

The collision of Tavis and Dusty expresses one consistent sound that bursts with the hearts of both, showing off strategically plotted percussion and guitar riffs and symphonic stylings built to move your body and soul. With hip-hop infused vocals and socio-political lyrics are worth taking to the streets, and their energy not only keeps you engaged, but is kinetic enough to make you jump.

They're fueled by a shared hunger to leave a personal stamp on music scene, acting as agents of change through personal catharsis. Their musical identity is rooted in their individual ideologies, which intersect at keystones of introspection.

Youree's core draws on an innate human need to fight for what's right, promoting love, compassion, peace and forgiveness, rather than preaching it. Principles formed by leaders from all walks of life, ranging from Gandhi to JFK.

These beliefs are spliced with Tavis' therapeutic look at music, an outlet he's plugged into to muscle through a rocky childhood. Music functioned as a release for Eaton at a young age. His childhood witnessed things that a child shouldn't have to. Eaton looked to the background music to cope, clinging to albums from Al Green and Led Zepplin as an escape. After planting his hip- hop roots at high school lunch tables, Eaton joined the military, where he first truly realized the definition of family. He grasped onto negative influences shortly after, getting mixed up with a crowd of graffiti vandalizers, identifying himself by the tag "C-Red Sage." He soon traded in his spray can for a microphone, satisfying his screams for attention through music.

As the lives of these bandmates-turned-roommates continue to intertwine, their music continues to ooze with personality and passion. With a recently released album and a new video on the way, the boys of PushMethod are continuing to make a big impact in 2012.