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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Analog Birds - 'No-Knock' CD EP Review (Brooklyn Psych-Pop)

Analog Birds - 'No-Knock' CD EP Review (Brooklyn Psych-Pop)
Earlier this year, Analog Birds, a three piece psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, released their first new music since 2007’s Music Concrete. As the “psychedelic rock” tag could be applied to everything from early Pink Floyd to The Dwarves, to give a bit more of a description - Analog Bird sounds like a bunch of multi-instrumentalist Berklee types, with Beach Boys-like harmonies, tripping on acid. The band’s brand of psych-pop is full of twists and turns which take repeated listens to reveal the multiple layers and subtle complexities of each of their songs.

“No-Knock” is the debut single from the forthcoming 2013 Analog Birds album The First One Follows. This three track EP contains “No-Knock (single mix)”, “Infidel$$$” (from Music Concrete) and “No-Knock (Master Breacher Mix)”. “No-Knock (single mix)” is a brilliantly twisted, eclectic psych-pop number with soaring guitar lines and a shuffling beat that is complemented by an organic sound and multi-part (including falsetto) vocal harmonies. Almost completely switching gears, “Infidel$$$” starts with a minimalist, electronica sound before kicking into a lo-fi pop gem which adds horns, handclaps and more. “No-Knock (Master Breacher Mix)” sounds nothing like the (similarly named) first track. This last track is a 90 second, instrumental romp through 70’s bass-funk before finishing up with a formal chamber outro.

There are a number of free download from both Analog Birds and its member’s solo projects posted on the band’s website (link below).

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