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Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Damned - Live @ 100 Club (Legal Music Download)

The Damned - Live @ 100 Club, London, 4/18/07Live Here Now released a limited edition live CD from The Damned's performance at the 100 Club in London this past April. It seems that the band came out for an unexpected second encore and this was not included on the first set of discs that were given out at the show.

While the second encore is included on all mail order copies of the disc, it is also available as a free download on the Live Here Now site.

Here are direct links to the tracks:
Love Song
Second Time Around

In other Damned news, the band is supposed to be in the studio working on new material and Dave is working on the soundtrack to the film 'The Perfect Sleep'. The film is in post production though no date has been given yet for its release.

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