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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bugs in the Dark Play Luna Lounge in Brooklyn on March 1st

Bugs in the Dark have been playing some shows around town these last few weeks while they are finishing recording their first full-length CD. The band puts on a phenomenal live show and their next show is at Luna Lounge in Williamsburg on March 1st. The Sad Little Stars and Bell Hollow (who are also opening for New Model Army at Southpaw on March 20th) are also on the bill and tickets are only $8.00.

Bugs In The Dark - Southpaw, Brooklyn 1-24-08Bugs In The Dark Play Luna Lounge on March 1st

I caught up with the band at their show at Southpaw last month and here is a link to a video interview and some live footage of the band.

FiddleWhileYouBurn.Com describes Bugs in the Dark as "a band making some SERIOUS noise with obvious potential. Brooklyn's Bugs in the Dark's have no time for sleepy-eyed, middle of the road, groan along, pseudo-rock anthems - they're too busy delivering ferocious, sweaty punk, fueled by sledgehammer drums and mean dueling guitars . . . Bugs in the Dark are Highly Recommended for fans of classic power-punk trios such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sleater Kinney."

Karen Rockower/Bugs In The Dark - Southpaw, Brooklyn 1-24-08
Bugs In The Dark Play Luna Lounge on March 1st

Karen Rockower posted an update on the recording sessions for the new CD to the band's MySpace page and here is an excerpt:

This cd is going to be a real step up from our first EP. With "Shake Shake" we were rushing to get something out as quickly as possible. We love it but it's very raw and simple. With this upcoming cd, we were able to take the time to get creative, add layers, use things like keyboards, shakers, trashcans and more. We even got Julia to sing on "Attention". We tried to get Ozzy to sing, but he mostly just snored in the love seat while we recorded.