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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Omega (Bugembe Okello) - Live @ Canal Room, NYC 2-21-08 + Backstage Interview

Omega has had a 20 year singing career but it has been more focused on the international stage. With the upcoming release of her new CD, "Kiwomera Emmeeme”, Omega is certain to make an impact on the US market.

From Omega's website:

Influenced by Omega’s past and present, the musical arrangements seamlessly blend the two cultures with hints of jazz, rock, contemporary and pop melding with the traditional melodies, while the instrumentation ranges from western keyboards, guitars and bass guitars to the traditional tube fiddle and African xylophone. The cultural dichotomy is not limited only to musical specifics. With this album, Omega wants to defy stereotypes of a troubled Africa with the soul and words of the music being pushed by her bubbly persona and a desire to show the bright side of her homeland.

“It will take you on a journey to increase awareness that while Africa is known for producing sad things, it can also produce good, quality music and happy people. It’s not just starvation and war. I want people to know a little bit more about my culture,” Omega says. “I want people to learn a little bit more and see the happy side of Africa.”
Omega puts on a compelling show and her band is top-notch. I filmed some of Omega's set and was amazed watching her drummer and bassist (see video below) play these really complex African-style rhythms.

Tugilabilile (which means "Let's take care of the earth")

I had a chance to talk with Omega after her set about her forthcoming CD Kiwomera Emmeeme (which is due out on May 27th, 2008), her twenty years in the music industry and her dual-career as a musician and health advocate.

It doesn't look like any area shows are scheduled but keep an eye on Omega's website for updates...