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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Biomechanical - "Cannibalised" CD Review (Earache Records)

Biomechanical - Cannibalised CD ReviewUntil I read the band's press release, I wouldn't have known that this disc is the conclusion of a conceptual trilogy that began with Eight Moons. John K says that "This story is told from somebody who realized there is no way out of this reality. Cannibalised is the acceptance of the death of his spirit. Every song is a different take of his emotions. The songs don't run like a story, but describe different thoughts as he plunges into darkness."

Cannibalised is the hardest and most musically dense release of the trilogy. As with the past two releases, John K mixes cinematic themes and layers of sound with blistering power-metal. John's voice ranges from an operatic falsetto (like Halford or Dickenson) to a Cookie Monster death metal growl. Aside for John K, the band completely changed over from The Empires of the Words and the songs on this disc highlight some killer guitar work from newcomers Chris Van Hayden and Gus Drax. Chris Tsangarides continues on from Empire as producer and his crystal clear production emphasizes the band's dense musical soundscapes. Right when the intensity of the band's attack starts to get overwhelming, the band changes pace. "Breathing Silence" and "Consumed" are two of the more interesting and diverse tracks on this release.

There is so much going on within this disc that it requires multiple listenings to take everything in. Multiple listenings though are well worth the effort as Biomechanical is far from your average metal band.

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