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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Toilet Boys - "Sex Music" CD Review

Toilet Boys - Sex Music CD ReviewThe Toilet Boys have returned for one last hurrah. A new CD of previously unreleased tracks, "Sex Music", was released in December on Dead City Records.

This isn't a Toilet Boys reunion though as the majority of tracks were written and demo'd by the band prior to their breakup in 2003. There is one newly written song on this disc, "Drug of Choice", along with a remix of this song by each of the three band members.

This disc is a fun return to the not-so-long-ago days when the East Village was both sleazy and dangerous. Anyone who caught the band's live show in the late 90's will know exactly what I mean. This disc captures the high-energy glam/gutter punk sounds of the first few Toilet Boys releases and the leadoff track, "Sex Music", sets the tone for the rest of the disc. "Sex Music" starts with a spoken word intro from Theo and Debbie Harry and song has the repeated chorus "This is the sound of flesh". To repurpose a quote that Sean Pierce gave to Rolling Stone 10 years ago...Sex Music is the sound of an "already an up-and-running rock & roll machine going for broke and kicking ass".

Aside for the remixes, which are fun but unessential, there isn't a bad track on this disc. The Toilet Boys even tip their hat to former tour mates The Ramones with a glammed-up cover of "Carbona Not Glue".

The band held a CD release party at the Marquee a few weeks ago but, sadly, have no active plans to record or tour. It looks like each of the Boys will keep on with their current solo projects - Sean is playing in Theo's band, Eddie is in Psychic TV and Miss Guy is finishing up a solo CD.