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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Halou - Sawtooth CD EP Review

Halou CD EP ReviewHalou has been around for 11 years and had released 3 CDs and 3 EPs prior to Sawtooth. With this release, Halou de-emphasizes the hip-hop/trip-hop sounds of past releases and "Sawtooth" is comparable to 90's era shoe-gazer dream pop. With a heavy focus on Rebecca's voice and a layered guitar sound, the immediate points of comparison are Mazzy Star and Opal.

For fans of indie shoe-gazer pop, "Sawtooth" is well worth picking up. Two tracks from the EP, "Breath Makes Smoke" and "Evensong" are streaming on Halou's MySpace profile.

Check out the live video of Halou performing "Professional" (also from Sawtooth) from their show last month at The Filmore/Irving Plaza.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Halou just finished a month-long tour with Bob Mould and are back in San Francisco where they are playing some residence shows at Cafe Du Nord. (The first show is April 9th).