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Monday, April 07, 2008

Heroes of Popular Wars Play Pianos on April 22nd

Heroes of Popular Wars Play Piano's on April 22ndI've been hearing good things about Heroes of Popular Wars for a while so I've been meaning to check out the band for some time. Unfortunately, I always seem to have committments, working or traveling whenever they play. The band is playing Piano's on April 22nd with Joemca & Poets (...and naturally, I'm out of town).

I finally had some time tonight to check out a video (below) and some mp3s from the band and am looking forward to catching HOPW live sometime in the future. The band has a carefully sculptured sound that is rooted in electronica but each of the songs posted to the band's website are all somewhat different. As I have been listening, my original point of comparison would have been Section 25 or one of the other early Factory bands but, after listening to the band's tracks a few times, I'm not sure that this comparison completely describes the full extent of the band's sound.

Here is the video for There's The Bell

...and here are links to a couple mp3s
3rd of July

This is intriguing stuff - I especially like the sample of "How Great Thou Art" that leads into "Goodbye"

Hereos of Popular Wars Website
Hereos of Popular Wars MySpace Profile