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Friday, July 04, 2008

Hydrogyn: 'Deadly Passions' CD Release Interview, NYC 6-25-08

Hydrogyn released their newest CD, Deadly Passions, on Demolition Records last month and I had a chance to catch up with the band when they were in town for a CD launch party at The Delancey.

We spent a few minutes to talking about the new CD, the new band lineup, their past work with Craig Goldy (Dio) and Michael Wagner (Skid Row, Alice Cooper). The band also talked about their upcoming 'female voices' tour with Benedictum which they are going to take to Europe and then through the US in the Fall.

Deadly Passion marks the start of a three-release deal that the band signed with Demoltion Records. The new disc was produced by guitarist Jeff Westlake and the band recorded the disc at Steve Riley's Smash Hits Studio in Huntington, WV.

"Steve does fantastic work out there," Jeff said. "The album is really big, the guitars are big, the drums are big, of course, the vocals are big, the bass guitar is phat, it really is the way we wanted it to sound. Before we ever got into the studio, we did a lot of pre-planning, and it helped out a lot. When it came time to mix the album, it was mixed right in your face -- no big room reverb, I wanted it to be right here." (from Herald-Dispatch.Com)

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