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Friday, July 25, 2008

Paul Westerberg Releases New MP3/Online-Only CD, "49:00", for .49 Cents

Paul Westerberg (x-Replacements) Releases Online-Only CD for .49 CentsPaul Westerberg released his latest solo CD "49:00" on Monday as a one-track 49 minutes download, which is available on for .49 cents. (Click on the CD cover to go directly to the product page on Amazon.) The song is a 224kbps MP3 file that contains approximately 20 songs that have been looped together into a single track.

To make the experience complete, front and back cover art is available on Paul's site as a free download. I haven't had a chance to listen to this release so here is a portion of Allan Raible's review (On the Record Blog/ABC News):

"Westerberg is able to prove that he hasn’t mellowed and he can still be sonically unruly. It’s well worth the price. Any fan of the Replacements or Westerberg’s edgier solo material (like let’s say his Grandpaboy alter-ego) should find something to enjoy here. It all sounds as if it was recorded in his basement, and I have to say, there is something refreshing about someone like Westerberg still jamming out like a kid in his parents’ garage. Too many of his contemporaries have mellowed and honed their productions into blandness. This record is anything but bland and uninteresting. "