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Monday, November 17, 2008

GRITS: Integrity CD Release Interview (Hip-Hop/Rap)

After spending more than a decade making music, Nashville hip-hop artists the GRITS have formed their own record label, Revolution Art, and have released their eighth studio CD, Integrity.

Integrity is one of the bands strongest releases to-date. The music is a diverse mix of styles, which ranges from crunk ("Get It Started") to high-energy dance ("Beautiful Dance") to NPG-style funk ("Livin' Dream").

I caught up with Bonafide and Coffee when they were in town last week and talked with them about the new disc, their new record company and their upcoming tour plans.

The GRITS are currently playing shows around the country and they have a full-scale ("Art Attack") tour planned for next Spring where they will be taking out on the road a number of Revolution Art bands. Check the GRITS MySpace page for updates.

The new CD, Integrity, is available through the band's online store, iTunes, and all the standard online outlets.