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Monday, December 01, 2008

The Bronx Release Facebook Game - Free Download When You Win

The Bronx Release Flamingos Attack Game on FacebookLos Angeles punk rockers The Bronx are back with a new disc, The Bronx (III), which was released a few weeks ago on White Drugs/Original Signal Recordings.

I don't think The Bronx have been out on the East Coast since their tour a few years back with Lifetime but the band was just in town for a packed-to-the-gills show at CMJ. Check out the CMJ staff blog for pictures and a review.

The band just released a Facebook Game, Flamingos Attack, where the user has to get the punk rock kid to the venue and avoid getting pecked to death by flamingos. "They may be beautiful, but FLAMINGOS are also deceptively treacherous creatures. Not only are they the dirtiest bird in existence and have bad smelling poop, but they also have an innate desire to rip the heads off innocent, god-fearing punk rock kids who simply want to see their favorite punk rock band, THE BRONX, perform one of their amazing live shows. "

The game is amusing and only takes a minute or two to play. Once you get the kid to the venue, you get a free download of The Bronx new single, "Young Bloods".

The Bronx's MySpace Profile