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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Homosexuals - Love Guns? EP Review

The Homosexuals - Love Guns? EP ReviewAfter a 20+ year silence, principal songwriter Bruno Wizard has reactivated The Homosexuals and the band just released a limited edition 10" EP. The new EP, Love Guns?, is limited to 300 copies and it was released on Serious Business Records. (Click on the EP cover to go to Serious Business' site)

Where this gets really interesting is that Bruno Wizard has hand-written a story across the entirety of the 300 pieces, with a sentence, a fragment or a few words appearing on each copy. Fans can compare their unique inscriptions, upload photos, and piece together the entire story at According to Serious Business' site, this first pressing is almost sold out.

While Bruno has a new band playing behind him, the new five track EP stays true to the musical legacy of The Homosexuals. The EP is book-ended by by two art/noise pieces. The second track, "Slow Guns", is an authentic return back to the sound of late 70's British punk. This tune sounds like something that could have easily come from The Saints or The Damned's songbook. The next song "3AM (Pink Pony)" is a slow burning pop song that sounds somewhat akin to Magazine. The last tune, "Don't Touch My Hair", is more of a dance number that switches gears between disco and dub.

The Homosexuals have been playing some dates around NYC these last few weeks with the most recent being a set at Webster Hall this past Saturday night.

Jolie (from PunkCast) filmed the band at a show at the Cake Shop last year and here is the video for the song "Astral Glamour".

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