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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Flipper - Blow N' Chunks CD Review (ROIR)

Flipper - Blow N' Chunks CD Review (ROIR)Blow N' Chunks was originally a cassette-only release that came out eons ago. As both this tape and my cassette deck have been collecting dust for the last decade or so, the Water Records reissues of the first four Flipper albums finally motivated me to pick this up on CD. I also hadn't heard the four bonus tracks that ROIR added when they re-released this on CD.

Listening to this "show" for the first time in years, I'm 'on the fence' regarding my feelings about this release. On one hand, it is a reasonably representation of Flipper's live set but, on the other hand, I had always thought this was a full recording from one show. The edits between the songs stand out a bit prominently as this isn't a complete show but (according to a Flipper discography site) rather a compilation from two nights/three sets that Flipper played at CBGB in November 1983.

On the positive side, this is a more coherent live document than Public Flipper Limited as there is somewhat of a flow between the songs (edits aside). There are also a couple songs on this recording which are unique to this disc (Bruce improvising "Ice Cold Beer" to the tune of "You Naught Me" and the previously unreleased "In Your Arms" and "In Life My Friend". The negatives are that the songs have been rearranged and don't follow in the order that they were played (set lists are below). The stage banter has also been edited out which is disappointing as this was an important and hilarious part of the Flipper live experience.

Here is the full set list from the two shows (from Flipper/Negative Trend Concert Chronology) that were used for Blow N' Chunks:

- 11/18/83 NY, NY -CBGB'S w/Live Skull, (S)Cornflakes
Set One:
The Lights, The Sound, The Rhythm, The Noise/Way of the World/Shed No Tears/ We Who Survive The Plague/Flipper Blues/Life/

Set Two:
Ice Cold Beer(Bruce's improv over music to 'You Nought Me')/Love Canal/Sacrifice/Ha Ha Ha/ (a much drunker set a couple of hours later)
Note: Part of this show used for the Blow'n Chunks cd.

- 11/20/83 NY, NY -CBGB'S
In Your Arms/Life Is Cheap/In Life My Friend/Get Away/
Note: Part of this show used for the Blow'n Chunks cd.

For Flipper fans, Blow N' Chunks probably falls into the "nice to have" category (but not 'essential'). Casual fans or anyone curious about the band are better served by starting with the Water Records reissues.

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