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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lukestar - Lake Toba CD Review (Flameshovel Records)

Lukestar - Lake Toba CD Review (Flameshovel Records)I know that I'm getting old when a lot of reviewers have labeled Lukestar's latest CD as a "post-hardcore". I hate to do the 'back in my day' thing...but I consider bands like Jawbox, Operation Ivy, Big Black, etc. as post-hardcore. I would consider Lukestar to be a brilliant pop band but this disc doesn't fall anywhere close to the hardcore/post-hardcore genre.

Getting on with the music - this disc falls somewhere between the prog-leanings of Coheed and Cambria and the synth-pop of Bronski Beat. Lead singer Truls Heggero sings with a falsetto that can put both Jimmy Somervile and Claudio Sanchez to shame. Lukestar's music follows the "verse-exploding chorus-verse" format that many of the 90's grunge bands (i.e. Nirvana) rode to fame.

Rather than try and write a lengthy description of the Lukestar's music, check out a couple tracks from Lake Toba.

"White Shade" is the first song on the disc and is pretty comparable of the tracks that follow.

A lot of the 90's indie bands didn't have much of a live sound, but that doesn't seem to be the case with Lukestar.

Lukestar - In a Hologram (Acoustic)

Lukestar is based in Oslo, Norway and I don't believe that the band gets over to the US frequently. The band's last show (and only?) NYC show was a late night CMJ show last October at Cake Shop.

Lukestar's music is available in the US through Chicago's Flameshovel Records (link below).

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Flameshovel Records