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Friday, March 06, 2009

Reckless Sons: Live Photos from John Varvatos Show, NYC 3-5-09

Last night, the Reckless Sons played the John Vervatos' Thursday Night Live show. It was a bit bittersweet as this was my first time being back in the old CBGB space. I probably should have taken some photos of the walls as the store tries to retain some of CB's seediness (perhaps the right word is "Bowery credibility") and it falls a bit short.

I can't complain too much though with free music and free beer - it isn't the store's fault that Muzzy pushed the club out. For anyone who hasn't caught a show at John Vervatos, the stage is on the right side of the room (I think it is right where the bar ended in the old CB's) which means that you can get caught on one side of the stage or the other and the sight lines aren't the greatest.

Reckless Sons went on promptly at 9PM and played a solid 30+ minute set, mixing new new tunes with old favorites. The room was full when the band went on and those in the front (who had a little room to move around) spent the time dancing. I didn't keep a set list but remember the band playing "Gimme A Sign" and a lengthy finale of "Blood".

Reckless Sons just finished a new EP, "Everybody Knows", which is scheduled for a May release.

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