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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sam Bisbee - Son of a Math Teacher CD Review (le Grand Magistery)

DOWNLOAD: Sam Bisbee - "Never Fall In Love" w/ Leona Naess (MP3)

Sam Bisbee - Son of a Math Teacher CD ReviewSam Bisbee is a singer/songwriter with a solid power-pop bent whose songs are comparable to the works of Tommy Keene, Freedy Johnston and Paul Westerberg. Sam recently released his fourth CD, Son of a Math Teacher on the le Grand Magistery label.

Sam must have terrible luck with women as love and broken romances are a consistent theme across this disc. Each song tells a vignette of lives, relationships and open emotions which Sam wraps with some wonderfully melodic hooks. There are some moments of real brilliance on this disc where Sam sings ethereal Stars-like duets with Leona Naess ("Never Fall in Love") and Lucie Wainwright Roche ("Close to Me"). The Replacements-like rockers ("Parachute" and "Ringtone") are also quite tasty. Sam embraces a wide range of styles on this disc and the most diverse is that he sounds somewhat like Roger Waters on "Curves of Your Body". Try listening to this track and not thinking about The Wall.

There are a few duds like "Letter B" where Sam pulls words the start with "B" around a breakup song but these slow moments are few are far between.

Here is the first video "Oxygen" from the new disc:

Sam has been keeping busy outside of making CDs as he scored the film Paper Cover Rock which is (of course) about troubled relationships. The film was shown last year at the SXSW Film Festival. Sam also produced and arranged Cat Power's version of The Nerves' "Hanging on the Telephone" for a Cingular commercial.

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