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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dad Rocks! - "Nothing Keeps Up" CD EP Review (Paper Garden Records)

DOWNLOAD: Dad Rocks! - "Nothing Keeps Up"
DOWNLOAD: Dad Rocks! - "Kids"

Dad Rocks! - 'Nothing Keeps Up' CD EP Review (Paper Garden Records)Dad Rocks! is the solo vehicle for Snævar Njáll Albertsson, singer/guitarist/trumpet-player in the Danish band Mimas. Albertsson's debut disc "Nothing Keeps Up" is a charmingly shambolic six-track EP that shares a kindred musical spirit with bands like The Annuals and an absurdist lyrical outlook along the lines of Frank Zappa and Captain Befheart.

The songs are all moderate tempos but deceivingly complex as multi-tracked vocals are layered on top of an acoustic guitar and various instruments and sounds come in and out of the mix, which include piano, horns and brass, xylophone, hand-claps along with gospel choir-like backing vocals. Albertsson's vocal style is winsome and uplifting and between his delivery and lyrics like "Six billion people on earth are changing the eco-system and clothes, and nothing keeps up. A bird that flies turns into a bird that dies, and all the flies want a slice of it, why? They try to keep up. My feet grace the grass of the past in the park, where the kids get cut, bitten and stung.", one can't help but smile when listening.

Dad Rocks! is in the midst of recording his debut-album to be released this Spring and he is planning a North American tour for later in the year.

Dad Rocks!