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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Lucky Ghost (aka Seth Berkowitz) Releases "Sex Griddle" as a Free Download

DOWNLOAD: Lucky Ghost - "Love With a Ghost"
DOWNLOAD: Lucky Ghost - Sex Griddle (full-length disc)

Lucky Ghost (aka Seth Berkowitz) Releases 'Sex Griddle' as a Free DownloadCold war anxiety, video game theme songs and the ever-elusive mysteries of human connection all come to bear on the ten infectiously quirky and occasionally melancholic tracks of Sex Griddle, the latest LP from Lucky Ghost.

Cultivating the distinctive voice that emerged on the 2008 LP Network Stars, Lucky Ghost (the bedroom brain-child of multi-instrumentalist, Seth Berkowitz) delivers an incredible amalgamation of 70s prog-rock, the sparkling sadness of 80s pop, chugging guitar rock and the lyrical aplomb of British singer-songwriters.

From the shimmering and crunchy synths of "Made in America" to the male-female vocal-interplay on the whimsical "Love with a Ghost" - the latter was recently featured in a commercial for Helzberg Diamonds - Sex Griddle acts as the spoonful of sugar to help the dystopian malaise go down. Even when Berkowitz sings of impending nuclear winter on "The Republic," it's as if there's a Saturday morning cartoon playing in the background - cradling his fears in innocence and a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

Lucky Ghost