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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Murder Junkies - "Road Killers" CD Review (MVD Audio)

Murder Junkies - 'Road Killers' CD Review (MVD Audio)The Murder Junkies are probably most well-known as GG Allin's backing band during his final years. The band was formed in 1991, toured with GG until his death in 1993 and played on the Brutality and Bloodshed for All album (1993).

Picking up where Brutality and Bloodshed for All left off, Road Killers is the first album of new material from the Murder Junkies since they reformed in 2003. This time around, core members Merle Allin (bass) and Dino Sex (drums) are joined by Martin "FC Murder" Chivers (guitar) and PP Duvay (from They Hate Us) on vocals, who sounds strikingly similar to G.G.

Following G.G.'s 'less is more' approach, the band blasts through twelve track of sordid filth and debauchery in just over thirty minutes. The opening track "Once a Whore" (Always a Whore) sets the tone for the disc and other song titles include "Two D*cks In Your Mouth", "My Little F*ck Doll" and "Piss Drinkin' Jew" (which is a previously unreleased number co-written by G.G. and Merle Allin). Skipping both political correctness (and taste, by some standards), the three-chord anthemic gutter punk melodies on this disc 'hide' the sort of brutal lyrics that would scare members of Westboro Baptist Church. While the Murder Junkies' music isn't for everyone, this disc is a worthy follow-up to G.G. Allin's last recorded works.

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