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Sunday, May 22, 2011

This Frontier Needs Heroes: "The Future" CD Review / Show at The Rock Shop on May 27th

This Frontier Needs Heros: 'The Future' CD Review / Show at The Rock Shop on May 27thThis Frontier Needs Heroes’ sophomore release The Future (released May 10th) is my first exposure to the Brooklyn neo-folk duo and this new disc is a striking and mournful walk down the lonely backroads of Americana. This new disc follows the band’s 2009 self-titled debut and, this time around, the band decided to leave the studio for a more intimate approach and recorded in an old school house in Wassaic, NY, with engineer Justin Pizzoferrato (MV & EE, Dinosaur Jr., Thurston Moore). While I’ve never paid much attention to CD art, The Future’s 3D cover art and accompanying 3D glasses were immediately eye-catching.

This Frontier Needs Heroes is comprised of brother-sister Brad and Jessica Lauretti and the duo wrap textured vocal harmonies with a minimalist guitar work and various hazy electronica to create a mood around their rich narrative lyrics. Brad Lauretti sings lead vocals with a road-weary “Johnny Cash” style delivery and Jessica’s backing vocals, which span a wide range, help set the mood of each of the songs. Her vocals touch on a number of genres that range from ethereal backing vocals on “Space Baby” to co-lead vocals on the traditional alt-country “Don't You Treat Me Like A Dog”. As strange as it may sound, parts of this disc are almost akin to Neil Young crossed with one of the atmospheric 4AD bands.

The lyrics range from somewhat cynical tales of love and loss to absurdist ramblings as Brad spins stories about the Old West, Ernest Hemmingway and past relationships. Musically, the band extends their core neo-folk sound with tracks that range from the shimmering 4AD-sounding “Space Baby” to the blissful 60’s pop of "Key West" to the fuzzed psychedelia of "No Need to Sleep".

This Frontier Needs Heroes have an upcoming show at The Rock Shop on Friday, May 27th. Tickets are $10 and The Donkeys and Snowmine are also on the bill.

This Frontier Needs Heroes Tour Dates:
May 27 -- The Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY
May 29 -- Club Passim Campfire Festival, Boston / Cambridge, MA
Sep 01 -- Brixton Windmill, London, UK
Sep 01 -- End of the Road Festival, Dorset, UK

This Frontier Needs Heroes