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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sky Picnic - "Farther In This Fairy Tale" CD Review (Classic Space Rock)

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Sky Picnic - Sky Picnic released their first full length, Farther In This Fairy Tale early last year and the band just signed to Nasoni-Records who released a limited edition vinyl version of the disc (100 copies on colored vinyl and 400 copies on black). I can’t think of any disc in recent years that is more deserving of a vinyl pressing than this one as this is classic space rock that perfect to “turn on, tune in, drop out” to.

{Note: Sky Picnic is directly selling the color vinyl for $13 but has only 7 left. The color vinyl edition is completely sold-out on Nasoni-Records' site.}

Farther In This Fairy Tale is a throw-back to the days of Hawkwind, Pink Floyd and epic concept albums where you would take forty-five minutes to immerse yourself in the experience. Chris Sherman sings with a waif-like earnestness while bending taut guitar notes and swirling riffs around his vocals while bassist/vocalist Leah Cinnamon provides a steady bass-line which serves as the pulse of the songs. Drummer Pete Meriwether plays in a style similar to Earth’s Adrienne Davies and adds subtle brushes and fills that color the songs rather than dominate the beat. The band adds additional texture to some of the songs by bringing in middle-eastern sounds and rhythms, subtly mournful keys and flute and various electronic space squiggles and bleeps. This is an album that is perfect for headphone listening as you can hear different musical elements in each of the channels as you immerse yourself in the experience.

In an interview with Dirty Sexy Karma, Chris Sherman described the new album as follows: “We're not just making music...anyone can make music. We're trying to give you an experience and to take you deeper into an alternate world and give you something to think about. The concept of the LP is the end of innocence and a journey to find yourself, although I hope people can draw their own meanings from there…Themes of astronomy, mythology, dystopian societies and life and death are the basis of our catalog. Clearly, we're not trying to become rock stars, and have no ambition to do so. We're making music we love about subjects we love, in the matter in which we want to. Hopefully that spirit alone draws people to our band.

Sky Picnic has upcoming shows at Union Hall on Thursday, July 28th and Saturday, August 6th at Bruar Falls. At the Union Hall show, Sky Picnic is playing with The Stoned Ambassadors, (The Sounds of) Kaleidoscope and Lead Stones. Tickets are $7 and doors are at 7:30PM. For the show at Bruar Falls, cover is $5 but no info. has been posted yet about other bands on the bill.

Sky Picnic