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Friday, September 09, 2011

Crock - "Grok" CD Review (Jackpot Records)

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Crock - "No More Dumb Fun" (from forthcoming CD Grok - out Sept. 27th)

Crock is a new project from Quasi's Sam Coomes and Hella's Spencer Seim. The band's sound is built off the fuzzed-out / freaked-out urban electonica of bands like Suicide to which the band add elements of space rock, Zappa / Pavement style free-form deconstruction, dark stoner riffs and pounding industrial squiggles and rhythms. The disc's cover art was done by Janet Weiss (Quasi / Sleater-Kinney) and its montage of colors visually sums up Crock's debut - there is a lot going on but but there is a sense of structure around the chaos which allows you to hear different elements of the band's sound with each spin of the disc.

Seim is credited with the spazzy, sputtering drum work so I assume that Commes handled all of the other instrumentation and vocals. Most of Commes' melodic vocals are low in the mix so the listener can hear his melodic harmonies but his lyrics are mostly unintelligible. Coomes delivers his vocals with the punk fervor of Nation of Ulysses' Ian Svenonius but when the vocals are on top of the mix ("Corpsecrystal Mountain"), he sounds a bit more like Stephen Malkmus on the early Pavement discs.

Grok comes out on Jackpot Records on September 27th. The CD edition is limited to 500 copies and the pre-order edition of the LP comes on neon green vinyl.