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Friday, March 16, 2012

Deathamphetamine - "The Lost Album" CD Review / Show at Saint Vitus on May 17th

Deathamphetamine - 'The Lost Album' CD Review / Show at Saint Vitus on May 17thBoston’s Deathamphetamine is one of the more unique bands that I’ve heard in a while as their music blends grindcore and death metal with a bit of thrash thrown on top. Adding to the band’s sonic attack is remarkable clean production which highlights solid guitar riffs and solos along with hints of melody beneath the grime and grind.

The Lost Album is the band's first full length cassette release, a concept album about an apocalyptic future where all of their cynical paranoid conspiracy theory lyrics turned out to be true. In real life the original masters of this album were stolen during the recording process before they could be completed. So the concept of the final version ties the real and fictional events together, a story where the recording is finally found in the future by the last man left on a hostile mutated Planet Earth.

The disc starts with a short track, “The Story So Far”, which sounds like a worn-out horror movie sound-effects tape on its last legs before the music settles into the core sound of the disc. The second track, “1-1-2-3-5”, starts with some grinding riffs before the dual death and black metal vocals kick in amidst the blast beats. “Losing It All” shows the band bringing a bit of crust punk into the mix with some hoarse and clean gang vocals along with clean thrash guitar riffs and solos. “The Black Moment” is the closest thing to a rock track on the disc and it has a melodic guitar & bass driven build-up to where the death metal vocals kick in. “More Sauce for the Goose” is a solid hardcore number that breaks toward the end of the track for a brief movie soundtrack interlude. “Stalinizer” brings some falsetto (Rob Halford style) vocals into the mix and the disc goes out with “The Last Man” which is a fully-developed metal/rock track that grinds to a halt for a final run through a different snippet of broken film soundtracks. As much as the band is all over the place stylistically, The Lost Album comes off as a cohesive body of work.

The Lost Album is available as a digital download or on a limited edition cassette, which is available in four different colors from Obscenity Cult Records.

Deathamphetamine are playing St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn on May 17th. (No information about the show is posted yet)