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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rooftop Runners - "We Are Here" CD EP Review

Rooftop Runners - 'We Are Here' CD EP ReviewCanada-to-Germany transplants Rooftop Runners are releasing their debut EP “We Are Here” – a disc of dark and melancholy torch songs with a slow-burning dance club beat - on April 3th. Rooftop Runners is composed of brothers Benedikit and Tobias MacIsaac, who are no strangers to the performing arts as they are respectively an internationally acclaimed choreographer and dancer.

The band describes their music as trip-pop…while this label makes me think of post trip-hop bands like Sneaker Pimps and Alpha, Rooftop Runners’ music is more atmospheric than ambient and it is carried soulful falsetto vocals and minimalist instrumentation comprised of slinky bass beats, brooding electronica and dissonant guitar work. All-in-all, “We Are Here” is closer in sound and spirit (as the lyrics are equally as dark as the music) to Soft Cell than one of these later-period bands.

Rooftop Runners