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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Augustana - All The Stars and Boulevards CD Review

Augustanta - All The Stars and Boulevards This CD falls outside of the genre that I normally listen to but I have really enjoyed this disc. After repeated plays, the music continues to hold my attention.

I wasn't that familiar with the band prior to getting this CD so I have been doing some online research just to see what others are saying. I think Augustana gets incorrectly lumped into the "piano rock" genre. While there are some piano-based songs on this disc, the brunt of the disc isn't that close to Keane or The Fray. A closer comparison would be to The Hooters or The Goo Goo Dolls. What I really like about this disc is that Dan Layus' voice isn't mixed above the band so this really comes across as a complete work by a proficient band and not a singer/songwriter with a backing band.

A lot of the online reviews that I read focus on the track Boston, which is the CD's piano ballad. I think Bullets and Mayfield are much stronger tracks and are more indicative of the rest of the CD. Both of these tracks are catchy mid-tempo rock songs and have strong melodies and choruses. I also really enjoyed the song Feel Fine which channels the vibe of the early 80s California bands like The Plimsouls and The Beat.

I don't care much for some of the slower tracks on the disc (like California's Burning and Wasteland) as they seem to drag but, overall, this is a solid CD by an up-and-coming band. They are definately worth checking out.

Augustana is playing at Webster Hall on February 2nd with support from Vega4.