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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The View Banned from Travelodge Chain in the UK

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A rock band have been banned from an entire hotel chain after causing thousands of pounds of damage, the hotel has said. Up-and-coming Dundee four-piece The View damaged several rooms at a Travelodge in Liverpool following a show in the city in November. Damage was eventually estimated at about £7,000, and a bill was presented to their manager. Travelodge also sent a letter to the band's management this week advising them the musicians were banned from all of its 300 UK hotels. A Travelodge spokesman said: "The View are banned from every Travelodge in the country. "We don't care who they are, they acted offensively and were anti-social to other residents. They are not welcome back. "This rock and roll behaviour is not acceptable. People come to us for a good night's sleep and we have to be mindful of that." The Daily Record newspaper reported that staff at the hotel were forced to break into the band's room to turn off taps and stop a ceiling from caving in from flooding.