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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny CD Review

Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny Spinal Tap move over -- this is a really funny disc. Tenacious D's songs are a throwback to the late 70s/early 80s epic metal balladry of Meatloaf, Rainbow/Dio and Iron Maiden. The disc is the soundtrack to the film The Pick of Destiny and contains numerous between-song soundbites from the film. (The only exception is that The Government Totally Sucks is a new song that wasn't included in the film) The band's playing is competent and solid but the fun is listening to Jack Black's lyrics.

From "The Government Totally Sucks":

Ben Franklin was a rebel indeed.
He liked to get naked while he smoked on the weed.
He was a genius but if he was here today,
the government would fuck him up his righteous A!

From "Kickapoo":
You've disobeyed my orders son, Why were you ever born?
Your brother's ten times better than you, Jesus loves him more.
This music that you play for us comes from the depths of hell.
Rock and roll's the devil's work, He wants you to rebel.
You'll become a mindless puppet; Beelzebub will pull the strings!
Your heart will lose direction, And chaos it will bring.
You'd better shut your mouth, You better watch your tone!
You're grounded for a week with no telephone!
Don't let me here you cry, Don't let me hear you moan!
You gotta praise The Lord when you're in my home!

Ronnie James Dio and Dio very fittingly are guest vocalists on the song Kickapoo and Dave Grohl adds drums and guest vocals to the song Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown).

POD was released as a single and the video has been posted to YouTube:

If you are looking for good mindless fun -- this CD is worth checking out. It offers enough musically that it should hold up to repeated play.