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Monday, June 02, 2008

Apes & Androids @ Bowery Ballroom, May 30, 2008

After catching The Canon Logic at Arlene's, I headed over to Bowery Ballroom to see Apes & Androids. The show was sold out and the place was jam packed even before Reggie Watts took the stage.

After now having seen the band play live, I'm completely sold on them. I haven't seen anything quite like A&A. There are all these reviews on the 'net that compare Apes & Androids to Bowie or Queen but this comparison doesn't do justice to the band's live show.

Apes & Androids really know how to put on a show and they seem to be one of the few bands that appreciate the theatrical aspect of the show. At Friday's performance, there were strobe lights, glow sticks and glow balls, go-go dancers with day-glo hula-hoops and monsters. I have no idea what all the people in the white tunics were doing on the stage and the end of the set but they were interesting to watch as well. This was really a production (in the best sense of the word). The only other act that I have seen put on such an elaborate stage show is Alice Cooper.

There are some more pictures from the show posted over at Stereogum.

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