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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bloody Social - Radio Maniacs EP Review

Bloody Social - Radio Maniacs ReviewI've been wanting to check out Bloody Social for some time as I've been reading the 'future of rock and roll' hype around this band for the last few months. I got to the Mugison show at the Hiro Ballroom last month just as Mugison was taking the stage so I completely missed Bloody Social...but I did get a copy of their new single, "Radio Maniacs".

The two songs on this single are interesting but certainly not groundbreaking. Both songs are AOR/K-Rock style alt-rock tunes. The first song, "Radio Maniacs", is an upbeat rocker and the other, "Curtain Call", is a stereotypical post-Nirvana rock ballad. A good point of comparison would be the Stone Temple Pilots. The production is a bit slick on these tunes and the band (unfortunately) loses some of the rawness that they captured on their Sharpshooter EP. I'd like to hear more from the band before making any real conclusions.

I'm intrigued by the extreme "love" or "hate" comments (there is no middle ground) about the band that have been posted to various internet sites. I remember reading an interview by the guy who signed Motley Crue in the early 80's and he described them as the most hated band in California and went on to say that any band that can get people that emotionally involved in their music (either postively or negatively) has a lot of potential.

I'd like to catch Bloody Social's live set to see what they are all about. 20+ years ago, I had a buddy in the industry who insisted that Gn'R was going to be the biggest band in the world based on "Live Like A Suicide" and I just couldn't hear the potential in that disc (but I never caught the band live while they were playing the clubs).

Bloody Social is playing Piano's on July 3rd so...check 'em out for yourself. Drop me an email after you do as I'll be curious what you think.

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