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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ehnahre - The Man Closing Up CD Review (Sound Devastation)

Ehnahre - The Man Closing Up CD ReviewEhnahre is a new avant-garde doom metal band formed by 4 x-members of Kayo Dot plus Andrew Hock (x-Biolich).

The Man Closing Up is a five part piece based on the improvisational poetry of Donald Justice. Musically, the band falls into the doom-metal category but the band pushes the genre's boundaries as there are elements of orchestration and free-form jazz in the music. The use of trumpets and violins in the mix reminds me somewhat of Wolf Eyes. There are also some similarities to Khanate as Ehanhre builds some dark and bleak musical soundscapes across the five pieces on this disc.

Vocalist John Carchia sings with a "Cookie Monster" rasp and he is joined by Jonah Jenkins (Only Living Witness) who sings clean vocals on one track and Noell Dorsey, who provides a haunted operatic outro to the disc.

This is an intriguing debut and doom metal fans would do well to check this out. Start with "Part II" which is streaming on the band's MySpace page (link below).

The Man Closing Up is currently available online through Sound Devastation Records and the physical CD will be released on September 22nd. There will also be a limited edition 2xLP pressing released next year. The band is currently booking tour dates in support of the new CD and the only show announced right now is a date in Boston on October 25th.

Ehnahre's MySpace Profile