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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mark Geary Releases New CD, Opium, and Plays Brooklyn Festival on Saturday

Mark Geary Releases New Disc, OpiumMark Geary released his third disc, Opium, today which is follow-up to his 2005 release Ghosts.

The release of the full CD was preceded by a single, 'Tuesday', which tells the story of "the day all the shit changes! The guy in the song (maybe me?) has to change all the shit and the baggage he has been dragging around. But change brings uncertainty that can be so scary that maybe you're better off just living a kind of quiet hell?!"

So begins the tale of Opium, an album which has taken Geary through places in his head that he didn't know existed in a processes that has infused the new album with an energy and an emotional power that is barely contained within the melodies and instrumentation of each song. But he tells the story of Opium better than anyone else...

"It's about escape and the notion of consequence. All of that plays a part in what I think about or was thinking about when I was making the record. I think sometimes I kinda like to torture myself with these dark thoughts and in so doing reveal some of my demons and drugs of choice.

"I started writing this record over two years ago. I had written a song called 'Maid Of Gold' that seemed to me to be the advent of something new and I had the beginnings of the song 'Tuesday'. At that time I had being reading Robert Fisk's books and the 'God Delusion'; the 'war on terror' was on the news every night and I became aware of my discomfort with people on telly using 'God phrases': 'With God on our side'; 'In God we trust'; 'With God's help we will prevail'...

I was a big fan of Mark's when he moved to NYC in the mid-90's and was a regular performer at Sin-e. I believe that he has moved back to Ireland so it is great to see him back in New York.

Mark is playing the Wee Craic Festival at Powerhouse Arena Saturday night, Sept. 20th. Powerhouse Arena is in DUMBO and is located at 37 Main Street (@ Water Street). On the bill with Mark is Colin Smith (from MRNORTH) and Mundy.

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