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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hades Announce Forthcoming Live DVD from 1988 Show

New Jersey's Hades always seemed right on the edge of hitting it big and then they would break up (this happened twice). The band was part of the original NY/NJ thrash metal scene in the 80's and played with bands like Nuclear Assault, Danzig, Manowar, Overkill and many others.

The band isn't getting back together but they are releasing a live video from a show recorded on December 30, 1988 in Boston where the band opened for Manowar and Nuclear Assault. The DVD includes 'Behind The Metal' filmed during the recording of The Downside album. It also includes interviews with Dan Lorenzo, Alan Tecchio, Jimmy Schulman, Ed Fuhrman and Scott LePage plus old video clips, live footage and TV show appearances, as well as a video for "Frozen Planet" from Dan Lorenzo's first solo album.

There are some interviews on Hades' MySpace page (link below) where the band members are asked about this upcoming DVD.

Here is what Alan had to say:

Question: Any memories of Hades show in Boston, out on DVD soon?

Alan: I recall being very bummed out about some guys in the front row who were giving me the finger all night. The were cursing at us screaming, "You suck!" and "Get off the stage!" The upside was that I had my 'I Hate You' shirt on and at one point in the video you can see me tugging on my shirt and pointing at them. That made me feel somewhat better.

The new disc is out in November on Cruz Del Sur Music.

If you aren't familiar with Hades, check out "King In Exile" from the band's 1988 release, If At First You Don't Success.

Hades' MySpace Page