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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bugs In The Dark Play OJ All Day Festival Tomorrow Night at Brooklyn Lyceum

Tomorrow night is the kickoff of the third annual OJ All Day festival at the Brooklyn Lyceum. "The OJ All Day music festival is an annual event put on by Olive Juice Music, a D.I.Y. label, studio, and online distributor, based in New York City, interested in helping people who are in the developmental stages of trying to do something with their art."

There are a lot of great bands playing the festival, including art punk Bugs in the Dark (who are scheduled to play at 9PM on Friday). Tickets for the two-day festival are $12 in advance and $15 at the door.

2009.ojallday.com -- OJ All Day 2009

Here is the complete schedule of events:

June 19th: Formal Friday
OJ All Day's Friday night kick-off is a black-tie affair for performers and audience members. Of course 'formal' is up to the discretion of the wearer, and is sure to be treated with innovative style from this musical community.

Main Stage
7:00 pm - Kansas State Flower
8:00 pm - The Woes
9:00 pm - Wooden Ghost
10:00 pm - Bugs in the Dark
11:00 pm - Ching Chong Song
12:00 am - Shilpa Ray And Her Happy Hookers

2nd Stage
7:30 pm - Brook Pridemore
8:00 pm - Dan Costello
8:30 pm - Herb Scher and the Key Lime Pie Revue
9:30 pm - Randi Russo
10:30 pm - Barry Bliss
11:30 pm - Purple Organ

JUNE 20th
The festival wraps up with an all-night dance party featuring DJ Black Helmet

Main Stage
2:00 pm - Kung Fu Crimewave
3:00 pm - Lady Bright
4:00 pm - Elastic No No Band
5:00 pm - Sprinkle Genies
6:00 pm - Huggabroomstik
7:00 pm - Urban Barnyard
8:00 pm - Peggy Sue
9:00 pm - The New York Howl
10:00 pm - Dufus
11:00 pm - The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
12:00 am - Schwervon!

2nd Stage
2:30 pm - Elizabeth Devlin
3:00 pm - Thomas Patrick Maguire
3:30 pm - The Best
4:00 pm - Steve Espinola
4:30 pm - Liv Carrow
5:00 pm - Pablo Das
5:30 pm - Susan Hwang
6:30 pm - Lisa Lilund
7:30 pm - Prewar Yardsale
8:30 pm - The Wowz
9:30 pm - Toby Goodshank
10:30 pm - The Babyskins
11:30 pm - Dave End
12:30 am - Jackie Bruce
1:30 am - Mango Glaze

OJ All Day Festival Website