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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Coyote Eyes Plays A Fundraise Show at The Delancey on Aug. 6th

<a href="">Yellow Red by Coyote Eyes</a>

Coyote Eyes Plays A Fundraise Show at The Delancey on Aug. 6th Help Coyote Eyes raise funds to finish the recording of their new EP!

"This post-punk, art rock trio has already drawn comparisons to Sonic Youth. But Coyote Eyes is no cheap indie rock knock-off. Yes, like Kim Gordon, band member Marta DeLeon plays bass and sings, but her high, bird-like voice is more energetic than Gordon's. DeLeon shares vocal duty with Manny Nomikos, who matches her sprightliness with yearning, and introduces a subtle, clever dissonance with his guitar. And drummer Jeremiah McVay gives the song a sense of urgency with frenetic yet controlled percussion." -- WNYC

Here is what the band posted regarding their fund raising show and Kickstart project:

"We were recently lucky enough to find ourselves in the position of being offered financial backing by a small label to record and promote an album. This was both very flattering and humbling and we went about planning production and eventually started to record. Unfortunately, after a few days in the studio, we got word that the label had folded and not only would they not be able to cover the cost of finishing recording, but they also wouldn't be able to cover any of the costs we'd already incurred. This left us in quite a financial bind as none of us had planned for the costs of recording since, you know, that was supposed to be covered by someone else.

But here's the thing: We think what we've done so far has come out extremely well and we think it would be a shame not to finish it. Because of the circumstances of how this happened, we can't really afford what we've already been left to pay, let alone the costs to finish. So, we decided to do two things: start a Kickstarter Project and organize a fundraising show.

We hope that you'll be kind enough to help us raise the money needed to pay for both what's been done and what's left to do. And we hope you'll see financial backing for finishing this recording not as charity, but as a pre-order of the eventual EP.

Here are the incentives for the Kickstart project:

-- free download of the album, once completed

-- free CD of the album, once completed

-- free T-shirt + album download
-- this one has been quite popular

-- We will learn a cover of your choosing and shoot a live video of it for you.
-- (this is currently sold out, but we're planning to add a couple of more of these this wek)

-- free CD and we'll have you over for dinner, which we'll make.

-- free CD and we'll play a show or party for you of your choosing anywhere in the 5 boroughs

If I wasn't spending all the money I have moving this weekend, I'd be looking at either having Coyote Eyes learn a bizarre cover (how about Miley Cyrus' "Can't Be Tamed") or having the band play a party as they are a phenomenal live act.

Admission to Friday night's show is $8 and Coyote Eyes plays at 11:30PM.

Coyote Eyes