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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Dwarves: Must Die Redux CD Review (MVD Audio)

(from a June '10 Interview with Punknews)
PunkNews: The new Dwarves record is tentatively titled The Dwarves Are Born Again. The previous record was called The Dwarves Must Die. Can you explain the significance?

Blag Dahlia: Once we were dead, it was critical that we be reborn. Otherwise, who's gonna make the records? Although Tupac managed to make quite a few records after he was dead. And so did HeWhoCanNotBeNamed.

<a href="">The Dwarves Must Die by The Dwarves</a>

The Dwarves: Must Die Redux CD Review (MVD Audio)The Dwarves new disc isn't out just yet but MVD Audio's reissue of 2004's The Dwarves Must Die should serve as a good stop-gap. The Dwarves Must Die was originally issued on Sympathy for the Record Industry and has been long out of print. As part of this reissue, MVD adds two non-LP singles: "Kaotica" (which was originally released as the b-side to "Salt Lake City" and "Kids Today" (from the Rock Against Bush compilation).

This disc has held up well over the last few years and the flow of the tracks are fairly indicative of the The Dwarves' current live show. This disc follows in the style of Come Clean and includes a number of memorable melodic hooks. The Dwarves Must Die's seventeen tracks (all clocking in around two minutes) are a mix of power-punk, surf rock and hardcore. (Note: I'm intentionally glossing over The Dwarves ill-advised, but amusing, venture into Beatie Boys style rap.)

The disc include guest spots from Dexter Holland from The Offspring, Nash Kato from Urge Overkill, desert rock icon Nick Oliveri, Josh Freese from The Vandals and Spike from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Dexter Holland adds his distinctive vocals to "Salt Lake City" and Nick Oliveri guests on "Massacre". The Dwarves have been poking fun at absolutely everyone for the last twenty years but eveidently Josh Homme took offense to the lyrics of Massacre: "This one goes out to Queens of the Trust Fund/You slept on my floor/And now I'm sleeping through your motherfucking records" as he was sentenced to 36-months of probation for an assault on Blag in 2004.

While you aren't going to hear the blood, guts and chaos of The Dwarves' early live show, The Dwarves Must Die is what punk rock is all about.

The Dwarves