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Friday, September 22, 2006

Genitorturers Live @ CBGB, NYC Sept. 20, 2006

Genitorturers Live @ CBGB
As CBGB grinds to a close, The Genitorturers played to a small but enthusiastic crowd on Wednesday night. Even though there were four bands on the bill, the front room didn't fill in until Mortis took the stage. The Genitorturers took the stage just after 11PM and played for just over an hour. The band kept the crowd moving throughout their set and ended with a rousing version of Public Enemy.

Genitorturers Live @ CBGBEvil D/David Vincent (from Morbid Angel) is an amazing bass player and the band as a whole have gotten a lot tighter musically over the last few years. Wednesday, their set featured none of the elaborate S&M/sex scenes that defined the band's early shows and the emphasis seemed to be much more of the music and Alice Cooper style theater.

Genitorturers Live @ CBGBThe band is winding up their Tortured Souls 2006 tour and has two more remaining dates:



Genitorturers Live @ CBGB
As an amusing aside, on The Genitorturers' Sin City tour (1998), they played a late show at the 9:30 Club in Washington, following an early show by Suzanne Vega. I was at both shows and thought I was the only one who could possible like both Suzanne Vega and The Genitorturers. I ran into Suzanne Vega after I had moved to New York and mentioned this to her. She told me I was wrong; her bass player stayed for The Genitorturers too.

I'll get my pictures of Mortis and the two opening bands posted sometime over the weekend and I have uploaded my remaining Genitorturers pictures to Flickr.